Micro Sparrow XL Electric


Hybrid electric scooter for teens!


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A hybrid electric scooter built for teenagers!

Choose your ride: electric or push powered
Thumb throttle for controlled speed
Free app to track speed, journeys, battery life and to lock and unlock your scooter
Max rider weight: 100kg
Scooter weight: 5.5kg

The Micro Sparrow XL teenage electric scooter is a hybrid scooter which comes with its own app allowing you to lock and unlock the scooter. The app has a dashboard which allows you to track speed, battery life, gives a hardware diagnosis, maintenance tips and more. The electric function can be turned on and off with the switch of a button meaning it can be used in electric or conventional push power modes. The Sparrow XL has a thumb throttle for an intuitive riding experience. With a 3 hour charge time, 5 mile range and top speed of 11mph the Micro Sparrow XL is a sophisticated, solid and stylish electric scooter for ages 12+.

Electric scooters are currently illegal for use on UK roads and pavements and should be used only on private land. This legislation is currently under review by the government.