Belhaven Bikes - Scooter

NEW! – you can now buy scooters from us online. There’s over a hundred products in our online shop but we can access far more, just let us know what you’re looking for.

For the little nippers, starting out, we have the 3 wheeled Mini Micros which make light of scooting to nursery.

The next stage would be onto a 2 wheeled scooter. A JD Bug or a Micro fits the bill, they have adjustable handlebars and they can be folded.

Fixed deck scooters can handle the trip to the skatepark more readily. We have a great selection from the likes of MADD, Grit, Blazer and Crisp. Buy these brands, and more, through our online shop.

You can customise your scoot or … ‘Totally Custom Your Ride’, by choosing from a wide range of parts to make – your scooter, your own!

We can also handle any repairs and have spare parts to get you back on your scoot.

‘Drop In’ to the shop…buy online…give us a bell…send us a message!

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