Belhaven Bikes - Cycle to Work scheme

This is a really good scheme from the Government where you can save up to 40% on a new bike, safety equipment, accessories and spread the cost too.

If you already have a bike of your own or have purchased a bike through a previous Cycle to Work scheme, just remember a safety equipment and accessories only contract is still available to you!

We like to offer a wide choice so are partnered with the following schemes, including Cycle Solutions and Caboodle. More info is available from their websites including nifty calculators where you can work out how much you can save.


New for 2019! We are now partnered with Green Commute Initiative, Cycle to Work scheme. GCI offers great flexibility and more options than ever before. The main difference is there is no £1,000 limit which applies to other schemes, so this opens up greater choice of bikes including ebikes and cargo bikes.

Find out which scheme your employer runs and you are nearly there. If your employer doesn’t have a scheme then this could be the opportunity to get them onboard. GCI can run in addition to an employer’s current scheme in order to offer their employees more choice and flexibility.

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